Testimonial - Free SD Card Recovery

Do you want to recover your precious data from an SD card, without spending a single penny? Then your search will definitely end right here. Data loss is a common problem with almost every user. Those who don’t know the actual working behind the recovery tool might end up spending a lot of money. They might not even get what they wanted to recover, instead might corrupt the device and lose the chance of recovering the files. Therefore here a revolutionary freeware for SD card recovery product has been introduced, which will help you to efficiently and easily recover SD card for free. The name is Free SD card recovery software and it can be easily downloaded from the link provided on the page. It is a very efficient tool that can restore data from a formatted or even corrupted SD memory card. One can easily restore data from a corrupted SD card by using the free corrupted SD card recovery tool.

Why the Free SD card recovery tool is better than others?

First of all, it is absolutely free of cost. The main problem that other tools have is they provide a demo version and the user is asked to purchase the tool in order to save the files. This limitation has been removed in this version. It provides a 1 GB data recovery capacity, which is ideal for home as well as professional users. This 1 GB can be used in parts to recover SD card for free. For example, if you have recovered only 100 MB of data at one instance, then the remaining 924 MB can be used at some other point of time.

Another main advantage of free SD card recovery tool is that you can create an image of the disk, so that even if you don’t have the device later on, then also the recovery can be performed. You just have to click on Load image option from the main screen and start the SD card recovery. The user can also save the current recovery session, which can be restarted at any point of time. The restored files can be viewed before saving to know the quality of the retrieved data.

Free SD Card Recovery Software Download

In what situations the Free SD card recovery can be utilized?

  1. When the crucial SD card files are deleted accidentally while removing some unwanted files
  2. Important data from SD card is erased unknowingly when the device is connected to a computer system
  3. Unintentionally formatted the SD card thereby losing all the data
  4. Malevolent data entered into the SD card while saving files onto it
  5. Exchanging files with an already infected computer system
  6. Removing the SD card abruptly from the camera, phone or the device carrying it

The fact behind recovery!

Most of the users think that when a file is deleted or formatted from any storage device, it is gone forever. This myth has been created as due to deletion, the file pointers are removed and the file becomes invisible. This is why the user thinks that the removal is permanent. But by using a freeware for SD card recovery, this file can be retrieved. The only thing that should be taken care of is that the files don’t get overwritten. This can be made sure by immediately stop using the device as soon as the deletion or loss happened.

Some catchy features of the free SD card recovery utility -

  • Free SD card recovery can restore deleted or lost data from all types of SD memory card
  • All the SD card types like Micro SD, Mini SD, SDHC, SDXC, etc. are perfectly compatible with this tool
  • Freeware for SD card recovery works correctly on all the major versions of both Windows & Mac OS
  • Even from the corrupted or damaged SD card, the data can be restored
  • Free SD card recovery software can restore over 300 types of files including audio, video, pictures, exe files, zip files, etc.

How to utilize the Free SD card recovery application?

  1. Download the tool to recover SD card for free and install it on your Windows system (Download the Mac version for Mac users)
  2. Upon running it, a welcome screen will appear. Select the “Quick Recovery” option from there.
  3. Then select the connected SD card and proceed to start the scanning process.
  4. After that a list of recovered data will be displayed, which can be viewed in File Type View and Data View.
  5. The recovered files can be previewed and saved to a desired location.

Note: Do not save the restored files on the same SD card from which they were retrieved.

Free SD Card Recovery Software Download