Windows 7 is the latest and one of the most popularly used Operating Systems provided by Microsoft. It has many advanced features that make it easy to use and user-friendly. This operating system is safer than the older versions but still there are some situations in which you might lose the data saved on it. Even when you connect an external storage device like USB drive or SD memory card, the data loss is very evident. Don’t worry if you have lost your crucial files as with the help of free SD card recovery software for Windows 7, you can easily restore the data. The main punch of this tool is that it is absolutely free of cost. Therefore it becomes the best software when compared to other paid tools as it can even restore corrupted SD card data for free.

Free SD Card Recovery Software Download

As it is free, some people might think that free SD card recovery Windows 7 is not as efficient than the paid ones. But once you will use it you will get to know that it is very much efficient. The tool is developed by some of the industry experts. It is designed with the vision to provide best recovery tool without paying any money for it. No matter what data loss situation you have faced, the free SD card recovery software for Windows 7 is capable of restoring data from it. If the user is looking a free tool to restore pictures from an SD card then he / she can read here for the complete info.

Some common data loss situations from SD card on Windows 7 OS –

Deletion – Deletion is the most common reason for losing data. You want to remove some unwanted files but instead of those, you accidentally selected some important ones and deleted them. This can be due to a slight distraction or lack of knowledge. You might also remove files from the SD card unknowingly, when it is connected to a computer system. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that the files deleted from an externally connected device are permanently removed. That means they don’t go and sit in the Windows Recycle Bin. This leads to the unknowing deletion.

Format – Formatting means to remove each and every bit of data from the device which is being formatted. Usually before formatting, the user takes a backup, but think of a scenario when you are forced to do the format or you accidentally did it. In that situation, SD card recovery Windows 7 free can be utilized. It will restore all the data from the formatted SD memory card within a few minutes and with the same file names.

Virus Infections – Malware is a software that is developed in order to corrupt you files. They usually enter the system through the internet, while surfing suspicious sites or while downloading some data. When the SD card is connected to a virus infected system or the malevolent data is saved on it, then the SD card might get corrupt. This will make the files inside it, inaccessible or sometimes you might even lose them.

Abrupt SD card ejection – SD cards can be used in different devices like phone, digital camera, iPods, etc. and there is a proper way of ejecting them from it. If this procedure is not followed then there is a chance that you might lose all the data from the SD card. This might even corrupt the SD card and result in the inaccessibility of the files saved on it. To get the data back use SD card recovery Windows 7 free & never lose an important file again.

In any of the above mentioned scenarios, free SD card recovery Windows 7 tool prove to be the best, as it can be used to restore deleted, lost or formatted data very efficiently. It also works perfectly for all kind of SD card like Micro SD, Mini SD, SDXC, SDHC, etc. Visit to know particularly about the free tool to restore Micro SD card data.

Steps to use free SD card recovery Windows 7 –

Step 1 – Download the free SD card recovery software for Windows 7 and install it.

Step 2 – Select “Quick Recovery” option from the main screen.

Free SD Card Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Free SD Card Recovery Software Download

Step 3 – Now choose the connected SD memory card & press next. This will initiate the scanning process.

Free SD Card Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Select Drive

Fig 2 : Select Drive

Step 4 – Once it is finished, a list of restored data is displayed, which can be viewed in File “Type View” or “Data View”.

Free SD Card Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Scanning Progress

Fig 3 : Scanning Progress

Step 5 – Preview the recovered data.

Free SD Card Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Preview Screen

Fig 4 : Preview Screen

Step 6 – Now save them on a desired destination, other than the SD card.

Free SD Card Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Save Recovered

Fig 5 : Save Recovered

Free SD Card Recovery Software Download